Students rally for a signed contract between APSCUF and state system

Published by adviser, Author: Daniel DiFabio - News Editor , Date: October 11, 2016

SGA President Logan Steigerwalt and other students rallied outside Vincent Science Center on Tuesday during common hour for the settle of the APSCUF contract.

Steigerwalt began the rally by saying that students have a powerful voice and that students can use that voice to advocate for the faculty to not go on strike.

“The students in the state system are over 100,000 strong,” Steigerwalt said. “With that we have a very powerful voice.”

Steigerwalt handed out a contact list to those who attended and encouraged them to contact state representatives Jaret Gibbons and Senator Scott Hutchinson and included their twitter information.

He said that when tweeting to tag APSCUF President Kenn Mash and PASSHE Chancellor Frank Brogan. Steigerwalt said to also use the hashtag Settle4TheStudents.

“We really need to make this a big thing here at Slippery Rock,” Steigerwalt said. “If we start this other schools will star this and then it’ll keep moving.”

Steigerwalt said the strike would be devastating for students, saying there might be delay in graduation and that students may have to go to classes on weekends.

Those at the rally then chanted “Settle for the students” to end the rally.

Steigerwalt said that students can contact him or SGA for any questions they may have.


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