Belly rewards students with points for dining with AVI

Published by adviser, Author: Daniel DiFabio - Rocket Contributor , Date: February 18, 2016

A new program on campus allows students to earn redeemable points by buying food.

Belly is a loyalty program that gives points to customers who shop at various kinds of businesses; these points can then be redeemed for certain reward items. The program is now being offered at Rocky’s.

“Other campuses have some form of a loyalty rewards program, so we thought we’d give it a try and see what would happen,” Resident Director for AVI Food Systems Joseph Balaban said.

Balaban said that the program has shown good success so far, with close to 200 students signing up since its introduction. He also said there have been a lot of redemptions and people checking in.

Although points can only be earned at Rocky’s at this point in time, Balaban said that if the program continues to show success, then it could expand to other locations.

Students can sign up at the register and are given a card that corresponds with their account. They can also sign up through the Belly app or its website by making a new account or connecting with Facebook.

Users earn their first points at sign up and then get five points per visit. Additional points can be earned by liking Belly on Facebook. Students can check in once every hour to get points. The total amount of points earned will show up at the register or on the Belly app.

There are 15 different options for rewards, including a free fountain drink, free Starbucks and an order of wings at Quaker Steak, with some higher rewards being a catering event for 10 friends or a dinner for two prepared by the executive chef.

Balaban said that not all of the rewards are completely food-centric, with some fun ones thrown in, including arm wrestling a manager for a pizza party or building and naming your own sub at Bolder Subs in Rocky’s. The rewards can be redeemed at the register.

Balaban said that unlike the punch cards at T&B Naturally in Bailey Library, this new program is more widespread across campus.

“You really only need one card to do it versus a bunch of punch cards at multiple locations,” Balaban said. “It streamlines the process too.”

Balaban encourages everyone to sign up for the program as participation and feedback will be key to its success.


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