Library staff promises accuracy with new printing process

Published by adviser, Author: Haley Barnes - News Editor, Date: September 17, 2015

Students who are familiar with the previous printing process on the first floor of Bailey Library have noticed a change. The four self-serve printers are now gone and replaced by a printing desk where a student worker hands students their printed items.

Jared Negley, TLC/library systems supervisor, explained that this change happened in order to provide students with a more efficient way to print, while wasting less paper.

He explained that with the self-service printers, there was a lot of wasted paper leftover during the night and some students were taking the wrong papers, which created a lot of problems and confusion among students.

“The staff and students were finding a lot  of paper left behind,” he said.

With the new system, he said if a student prints something, they now guaranteed to receive it.

“The benefits [of the change] are that it’s easier to tell what is yours,” he said.

Anything a student prints will be sent to the printing desk, where the student worker will retrieve the papers and set them on a table for the students. Students are able to differentiate print jobs on the table by a cover page that prints along with the print job.

“Students are not charged for the cover page,” Negley said.

Along with the new process came updated printers. Negley explained that the new printers can staple and three-hole punch papers. He said the new printers are less likely to break, too.

Negley said the old printers are currently sitting in storage in the library.

“The old printers might be repurposed,” he said. 

Student worker at the printing desk and junior hospitality management major, Erin Hutton, said the transition to the new printers has been very smooth.

“[The papers] come out when they come out and I just hand it to [the students] when they come out,” she said.

She said in order to prepare for busy printing times like common hour, the workers stock up on extra paper.

“There have been no issues during common hour or any busy times,” she said.


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