SGA denies extension of long-time manager

Published by adviser, Author: Catie Clark - Assistant News Editor, Date: April 25, 2013

The Student Government Association voted Monday to deny the one-year extension of Business Manager Cathy George’s contract.

George rescinded her request for an extension prior to the meeting, but SGA still had to vote due to laws that prohibited dropping the vote in the SGA constitution.

Dave Wolfe, President of SGA, appointed a hiring committee for the new business manager Monday evening as well.

The committee will consist of next year’s President Buddy Clements as the Chair, along with senators Ben Motyl, Abby Schon, and Anthony Plumberg.

Other members on the committee will include the future Speaker of the Senate, an advisor, and three university or SRSGA, Inc. employees.

“The hiring committee will have the final say on all matters in regards to the business manager position,” Wolfe said.

SGA also voted to write a letter of support to increase foundation residence halls fees by four percent for the 2013 – 2014 academic year to support the new ResNet system.

According to Jim Henry, Vice President of Student Affairs, this is something students will be in support of.

“Students have been waiting for this for a long time,” Henry said. “It will greatly improve the speed and bandwith for the residence halls.”

Dr. Paula Olivero, Assistant Vice President of Student Development, who spoke on the ResNet project Monday evening, said that the new system would allow students to take their Internet with them around campus on up to six devices.

“It will be their own bandwidth to take with them,” Olivero said. “It will increase speeds on the rest of campus as well because residence hall users won’t be utilizing the same bandwidth.”

Ben Motyl, Vice President of Financial Affairs, announced during his officer’s report that his Finance committee is making rules for club sports.

“We’re looking at raising the travel allowance to 50 cents per mile,” Motyl said. “We’re also looking at allotting a small amount [in the club sports budget] to go towards equipment and uniforms.”

Motyl also gave an update on the progress of the Multi Purpose Rink that is to begin construction over the summer.

Motyl said they plan to install dasherboards to the rink that consist of a four-foot high wall with a four-foot fence above that.  The cost will be in between $65,000 and $75,000.

SGA voted to write a letter of support to extend the Disc Golf course on campus.

Wolfe said the current course is only nine holes and it needs to be expanded to 18 holes to be at the championship level.

They will have to rearrange the current course to make the new holes fit. By adding the new holes and updating the course it will allow Slippery Rock University to host and compete in championship level competitions.

A motion to purchase a sign for the SGA Pavilion in the Quad was tabled until the next SGA.

The sign, which was approved by The Board of Cooperative Activities on April 11, would cost up to $1800.

The motion was tabled because when purchasing an item costing over $500 requires three bids from outside producers.

According to Motyl, once SGA receives two more bids for the sign, they have to accept the lowest offer.

“We want the sign because the original design is in line with the other signs on campus that Norton is buying,” Motyl said.


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