SGA votes to change Student Center theater name

Published by adviser, Author: Catie Clark - Assistant News Editor, Date: April 11, 2013

The Slippery Rock Student Government Association approved a motion Monday evening to change the name of Robert M. Smith Theatre in the Student Center to the Thunderdome Theater.

Speaker of the Senate and North Hall Senator Michael McCarter, who was speaking on behalf of his North Hall constituents, brought up this motion.

Senate passed the motion and the name of the theater will be changed if approved by President Cheryl Norton.

SGA failed a motion Monday in support of the Collegiate Housing and Infrastructure Act.

The bill, which SGA did not vote to support at Slippery Rock University, would allow tax-exempt charitable and educational organizations to make grants to non-University owned not-for-profit student housing entities, such as Greek organizations, that provide collegiate student housing.

For the complete bill, see

New organization Beta Beta Beta, the national biological honor society, was approved by SGA as well.

After a constitutional open forum Monday evening, the senate voted to support constitutional changes in five major sections.

Changes to the SRSGA constitution were categorized under Resident Vacancy Amendments, Duty and Responsibility Amendments, Student Activity Fee Amendments, Mission Statement Amendments, and Membership Criteria Amendments.

According to Angelina Hernley, Parliamentarian of SGA, some of the most important changes were to the Resident Vacancy Amendments.

“It’s been an issue in SGA filling resident vacancies,” Hernley said. “So, the Rules and Policies committee came up with a solution.”

Under the changes to the constitution, if there exists a vacancy in an on campus residence hall position or a R.O.C.K. apartments position for more than 45 days, any residential student may apply for the vacant position(s).

The stipulations for the residential student filling the vacancy holds the responsibility of attending said residential halls house council meetings, and If the residents students building they preside in becomes vacant at any time, they automatically fill that own vacant position.

Only residents that occupy North Hall and Rhoads Hall shall be eligible to apply for a vacancy in those residence halls. As well as residents that occupy Building A, Building B, Watson Hall, Building D, Building E, Building F, and the R.O.C.K. Apartments will be eligible to apply for those open positions.

According to Hernley, this is only a last case resort to get positions filled.

“Representing constituents accurately is really important to us as student government, this is only if we can’t find somebody else,” Hernley said. “This isn’t a quick fix.”

Another change made to the constitution is that graduate senators that also serve as Graduate Assistants in the residence halls will not be able to serve as resident hall senators.

SGA recently changed the name of the General Service Fee to the Student Activity Fee.

They made seven changes in their constitution Monday to reflect the change in name.

Under the Duty and Responsibility Amendments, stipulations that limited the Vice President of Internal Affairs, Parliamentarian and Speaker of the Senate from completing their duties were amended and/or removed.

“These changes give them more creativity in their positions,” Hernley said.

Membership Criteria Amendments were approved Monday by SGA. These amendments forbid all members from participating in a study abroad program while in office for more than 28 days, but they are permitted to hold a student teaching position or an internship.

SGA approved changes to the mission statements of the executive officers as well. The mission statements create a frame for each of the executive board members and their positions in the constitutions.

According to Hernley, the mission statements were previously listed in a bulleted list format, and now they are in paragraph form like a traditional mission statement.

“No duties were changed under these amendments, only their formatting in the constitution,” Hernley said.

For more information on the SGA constitution and any of the amendments made at Monday’s meeting, contact Parliamentarian Angelina Hernley or any member of SGA.



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