Co-Op questions business manager

Published by adviser, Author: Stephanie Cheek - Rocket Contributor, Date: April 11, 2013

The Board of Cooperative Activities went into executive session at Thursday’s Common Hour meeting regarding the contract of the Slippery Rock Student Government Association Inc.’s Business Manager.

The Business Manager, Cathy George, was allegedly looking for a one-year contract renewal. The executive session discussed the option of not renewing her contract.

After a private discussion between Co-Op members, they voted not to renew the contract. Before the process is complete, it must be passed through Senate.

Co-Op also approved the request for a third shuttle bus to get paid off. The total of $7,700 dollars was approved.

An initiative was presented by the Student Government Association for up to $1,800. For this particular initiative, two more bids are needed for it to be fully approved, but for this amount of money it was approved. The money would be for a vinyl sign that would say SGA or Student Government Association Pavilion.

Two fifth year students asked for legal counsel from SGA.Justina Cerra, one of the students, explained that legal counsel, is as of now, only for full time students. Both her and another student are taking their last three credits, and were asking for the legal counsel despite only being part time students.

Neither of the students have ever needed to use legal counsel from Student Government Association. This was taken to a vote, and it was approved.


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