CoOp approves spending of $8,397 on metal detectors

Published by adviser, Author: Catie Clark - Assistant News Editor, Date: February 28, 2013

The Board of Cooperative Activities approved the spending of up to $8,397 for the Student Government Association to purchase new metal detectors Thursday.

According to Vice President of Financial Affairs, Ben Motyl, the old detectors are very used and their strength is very low.

“These detectors are used for events like concerts, UPB speakers, and any late night events like dances,” Motyl said.

Motyl said that the old detectors are about five years old, and the new ones will last seven to eight years.

The metal detectors will be available to any student organization who needs them, and will be available through the University Police.

Co-Op also approved the new initiative request for SGA to receive up to $8,002 for speaker fees.

The speaker, Cody Lundin, is an internationally known professional survival instructor with more than 20 years of hands-on teaching experience.

Lundin has his own show on the Discovery Channel, Dual Survival.

According to Jim Henry, Vice President of Student Affairs, the University Program Board and Public Relations Student Society of America are doing the advertising and Public Relations for the event.

Henry said that the cost for the speaker is $12,000 across the board, and the $8,002 is to make up for what funds they don’t already have.

Motyl said that Henry could continue to seek co-sponsorships and supporters because the motion is worded “up to $8,002”, so they don’t have to use the full amount.

Faculty Advisor Dr. Heather Frederick suggested that Henry continue to look for cosponsors, not for monetary purposes, but for other environmental-conscious organizations to put their name out there in support of the event.

Law Society was approved for up to $2,100.

The $2,100 will be used to bring speaker Kirk Bloodsworth, the first person to ever be sentenced to death row to be released through DNA fingerprinting.

The Law Society is planning on Bloodsworth visiting campus on April 10.

Co-Op reallocated $150 given to College Democrats back to the budgetary reserves.

According to Motyl, the money from the College Democrats is what is leftover from a $500 grant that SRU received to transport students to and from the polls on Election Day.

The budgetary reserves are currently $150,715.16.

The Financial Affairs committee will be meeting with clubs and organizations for budgeting March 9th at 10 a.m. in room 322 of the Student Center.


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