Co-Op freezes UPB stipends

Published by adviser, Author: Catie Clark - Assistant News Editor, Date: October 18, 2012

The Board of Cooperative Activities froze several stipends for positions currently not being filled by the University Program Board Thursday.

The positions of Vice President of Concerts and Vice President of Cultural Arts, which are currently vacant, will be frozen until the 2013 – 2014 academic year when the positions can be filled again.

According to Vice President of Financial Affairs, Ben Motyl, UPB is freezing the stipends because they want the money to be available for next year, but the positions are currently vacant.

Co-Op also approved three line transfers for the Feminist Majority Leader Alliance (FMLA).

The first transfer was from the event “I Love Female Orgasm” to the event “Car Repair Workshop”. The money was transferred because the “I Love Female Orgasm” event no longer exists.

Plans for the Car Repair Workshop include taking interested men and women to see a mechanic for instructions on how to change oil, change car tires, and other basic vehicle maintenance work.

The second transfer for FMLA was from the event “I Love Female Orgasm” to the “Body Image” event. The money for the Body Image event will be spent on supplies such as trash cans, mirrors, lipstick, and dry erase markers. The purpose of the event will be for men and women to reflect on and further explore their thoughts on their personal body image.

The third approved line of transfer was from the event “Feminist Coming Out Week” to the event “Take Back the Night”. Because Feminist Coming Out Week no longer exists, the money will be used to buy supplies for the event Take Back the Night. Supplies needed for the event include candles, which were lost in move of the Women’s Center from the Behavioral Science Building to the Student Center. The Take Back the Night event is designed for men and women who were victims of sexual assault.

The current budgetary reserves for Co-Op are estimated to be around $176,543.56. According to Motyl, there will be more accurate figures at the next Co-Op meeting because there is still more money that needs to be transferred into the reserves.


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