What to Expect: “The Life of Pi’erre”


Pi’erre Bourne is an Atlanta, GA native mainly known for his iconic beat tag, but is also a rapper. Personally, Bourne is my favorite producer of all time, and I find that his music is excruciatingly underrated.

All four of his current expansions of “The Life of Pi’erre” feature great beats, hooks, flows, and rhythms for the listeners to lose themselves in. His breakout project, “The Life of Pi’erre 4,” features his biggest song, “Poof,” and many more timeless songs, that seem to effortlessly weave together and add and easy-going touch onto the flow of listening to the album.

Recently, the mainstream producer and semi-underground rapper released his long-awaited lead single of his fifth expansion of his album story. The song is titled “4U” which was originally known as “Playstation,” and it has its own music video. Once again, there’s great production on Pi’erre’s half. Fans are dying for the project and listeners should expect something soon.

On Monday, Pi’erre took to Twitter to answer a few questions from his fans. It all sparked when a fan, @tlop444, tweeted, “streets need that cole bennet x pierre music video for TLOP5,” to which Pi’erre replied with, “Idk wassup with Cole but I be trying.”


Bennet, the director of all Lyrical Lemonade music videos, later saw this and simply replied, “let’s get to it.” Pi’erre then tweeted back, “Album finished just need you to hear which one you think you would want to do.”

Fans now know: 1). The album is completely finished, so they can assume they will have it soon and 2). They can hopefully expect at least one collaboration between the two creatives for the next project

Later, @overbycarti responded with, “You gonna have a music vid for the song with drake feature Pierre?” Pi’erre replied with, “He didn’t send the vocals so no more song on 5. Probably do something later.” So, fans will not be getting a Drake x P’ierre collaboration yet, but possibly sometime in the future


Another fan, @gorboob asked, “When u & uzi makin a song together,” where he is mentioning the “Eternal Atake” rapper, Lil Uzi Vert. Pi’erre said, “We did one for 5.” Fans have been wanting the collaboration for a while, and they will finally get it in this next installation.


The last reply of the night came from @nocharmm, where he asked, “is carti still on 5 pierre?” Playboi Carti is the artist that had the breakout single “Magnolia” on his self-titled project of 2017 that was produced by Pi’erre, which stapled his producer tag and name into rap culture.


The two have collaborated before and have had a handful of songs leaked onto SoundCloud, one of them being “Switchin Lanes.” Pi’erre replied to the tweet short and sweet with, “Switchin lanes”.

To wrap it all together, on the next project we can at least expect Playboi Carti, Lil Uzi Vert, and a Cole Bennet/Lyrical Lemonade video. As his fans wait for the album, the hype builds with hopes that it lives up to expectations.


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