Top Most-Forgotten College Essentials

Published by Partnered Content, Date: September 25, 2020
Top Most-Forgotten College Essentials

Now that college students who are learning on campus this semester have settled into their socially distanced dorm and apartment lives, many are starting to discover all the things they left at home. When you’re packing for school, especially as a freshman, it’s always a mystery as to what you’ll actually need and what will simply take up space in your room. With fall break approaching, now is the time to make a list of the top most-forgotten college essentials so that you can remember to take them back with you after break.


When it comes to clothing, most first-year students tend to overpack, while upperclassmen students tend to under-pack. Below is a list of things many college students wish they’d brought with them.

  • Lightweight jackets: Fall starts earlier than expected sometimes, and it’s best not to be caught unprepared. A fall jacket is perfect for those slightly chilly days.
  • Boots: Packing boots in early August may feel silly, but within just a few weeks, you’ll be glad you did. It rains often in the early fall, and boots are must-haves.
  • Formal wear: Parties aren’t exactly happening this year (thanks, coronavirus), but you still may need to dress to the nines for some academic occasions. Bringing back an outfit fit for a dean’s list dinner is essential.

School Supplies

The biggest thing new students forget to bring with them to college is school supplies! Many students get caught up in their new living situations (and newfound freedom), so they forget they’re actually there for classes. Below are the top things to bring back from home after break.

  • Notebooks: Yes, everyone takes notes on their laptops—especially now! But having a notebook or two on which to physically write things down can really help you get organized and study.
  • An extra laptop charger: It happens to everyone eventually: the old laptop charger finally frays too much and stops working, or, worse, you forget it in the library. Either way, it’s best to have a backup.
  • A stapler: With classes focusing on online learning, it’s easy to forget many professors still want physical copies of term papers—which need to be stapled, not folded at the corner.

Apartment/Dorm Essentials

Many students forget to bring some of the essentials of apartment and dorm living and end up needing tons when they get home for break.

  • A strainer: Weird? Yes. Essential? Also yes. You’ll need this for when you wash fruit, make pasta, and do just about any cooking—and nearly everybody forgets it until it’s too late.
  • A medical supply kit: It’s crucial to keep medical supplies other than just your standard Band-Aids in your living space. Your parents won’t be there to hand you whatever you need when you get sick or injured, so you have to be prepared on your own.

These are just some of the top most-forgotten college essentials. Be sure to make a list of anything else you find yourself missing, and plan to bring it back with you after your next trip home.


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