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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Neupauer and Humphrey safe choices for SRU presidency, each has unique set of experiences

With only one presidential candidate left to visit campus it is reassuring to know that the future leadership of Slippery Rock lies in the...

Corbett’s crusade against education needs to end

Budget. When you see that word, you probably want to put down the newspaper and quit reading. It's confusing, and it doesn't even affect you anyway...

Uncle Jack and Uncle Joe raise the bar

Many people who had the chance to know Uncle Bob (President Robert Smith) during his 13 years at Slippery Rock University would regard him...

There’s not much to do in this small town of ours

Have you ever tried to Google "things to do in Slippery Rock, Pa.?" The results, as we would expect, are pretty meager. Yahoo Travel, the first...

Ron Paul is the best candidate for the job

In high school I used to be obsessed with politics, but nowadays it isn't really my thing. Like most people, I took the mindset that...

Norton a good opening act for presidential search

Now a graduate student at Slippery Rock University, I have been attending this school for the past four years. Tuesday afternoon, I attended the open...

Shiny, new electronic textbooks won’t make students study more

There are very few things that raise my blood pressure more than listening to supremely unqualified and out-of-touch people talk about education as if...

Demand for technology has gotten out of hand

Technology has always been a popular luxury that was mostly associated with youth, but over the years it has transformed to a fully capable...

Weight loss campaigns push wrong message

While watching television, I saw many different versions of the same concept. There are so many commercials about weight loss programs airing these days...

SOPA/PIPA bills would be like killing a fly with an atomic bomb

Many regular readers of this fine publication may notice that I am not, in fact, the indomitable Spencer Caddenpresenting opinions on the great issues of...
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