Photo taken from Women's Center Twitter (@SRUwomenscenter)

On Wednesday night, The Pride and Women’s Centers at SRU co-hosted Love Shouldn’t Hurt: A Domestic Violence and Valentine’s Day Pressure Lecture, a discussion on dating violence and key statistics and facts.

The event was co-hosted with VOICE, an organization in Butler County which provides education and services for anybody who needs assistance regarding violence.

At the event, different testimonials were read that related to dating violence. From these testimonials, discussions were led revolving around dating violence and facts about violence.

Additionally, the different types of violence that can be experienced in a relationship were discussed and the impact they can have upon a relationship as well as the individual.

The lecture covered topics such as consent and taking necessary steps to ensure a healthy relationship. Students also learned about how to set healthy boundaries and to maintain strong communication within a relationship.

Guest speaker Kaeleen Martin, an SRU alumni and current VOICE employee, also shared her knowledge of dating violence and prevention, and discussed the importance of reporting violence.

“Anybody can be affected, but the hardest part is reporting violence” said Martin. “Many people don’t report violence for many different reasons, such as fear.”

The lecture covered how dating violence is prevalent in not only heterosexual couples, but in the LGBTQ+ community as well. It is important to understand that dating issues can be present in any relationship, and the severity can fluctuate from couple to couple.

Martin also discussed prominent issues such as the cycle of violence, a series of violence that can occur in a relationship, and love bombing, or excessive displays of affection that can become toxic and lead to violence.

Martin concluded by suggesting that talking to a mental health professional can help anyone dealing with dating violence or relationships.


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