The quick guide to freshmen fashion

Published by Hope Hoehler, Author: Ryan Shimko - College Dress Relief Correspondent , Date: March 21, 2019

Freshmen arriving on campus in the fall always face the lingering question: How many clothes should I pack and what should I bring to campus? Don’t worry! College Dress Relief is here to provide you with some simple tips on smart packing and personal style. Don’t be afraid to be different! Sometimes early morning classes and late night studying call for wearing sweatpants. However, don’t be afraid to show off your style if you want to dress it up! Dress well, test well: If you decide to ditch the sweatpants, you may feel more confident and rejuvenated for the day. Of course, we are all entitled to “lazy” days, but you can also work some style magic and feel amazing! Don’t feel as though you need to bring your whole closet, but do bring the necessities and feel free to change them out over breaks! What you wear throughout college is ultimately up to you, but don’t be afraid to embrace your own style and feel confident in your wardrobe!

Hope is a junior converged journalism major and entering her second year on The Rocket staff and her first year as Campus Life Editor. Previously, she served as Assistant Campus Life Editor and covered campus events, club events, along with concerts and plays. After graduation, she hopes to write for a city newspaper reporting on city journalism or community affairs.


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