Macoskey Center hosts Carnival on the Quad

Published by , Author: Matthew Carlson - Rocket Contributor, Date: April 25, 2018

On Tuesday, April 17, the Macoskey Center was brought to campus to educate students about the importance of sustainability. The Macoskey Center is Slippery Rock’s sustainability education center, located on SRU’s campus.

Despite the snow and cold weather that day, the Macoskey Center hosted ‘Carnival on the Quad,’ and held numerous activities and stations where students could learn about sustainable and environmentally conscious practices. This event was held to preview their upcoming celebration of Earth Fest, which took place over this weekend.

Students had the chance to learn about different aspects of environmental protection, climate change and how to practice sustainability. There was a wide variety of things to do at the Carnival. Students were handed a card at the beginning of the event, and for every station they attended, they would receive a check on the card. At the end, you could redeem your checked card for a chance to win a prize by spinning the prize wheel.

The different stations included were frisbee spin art, where students can paint their own frisbees, and even a chicken photo booth, where students could take pictures with chickens raised at the Macoskey Center. Also at the event was a demonstration of Aquaponics, where they educated students on how fish and plants can grow and thrive in one integrated system. Students had the opportunity to make their own recyclable planter pots and learn about solar panels.

The Macoskey Center’s goal was to communicate more about what they are trying to do to promote sustainability.

“Sustainability is important because as people we have a responsibility to take care of the planet we have for future generations and all forms of life on it,” said Jake Massack, Student Intern at the Macoskey Center.

With Earth Day on April 22, the Macoskey Center has been raising awareness of these important issues and have been hosting a lot of events for students to get involved with. When asked about future events, Massack discussed Earth Fest.

“Earth Fest is an event for us to celebrate all things ‘green’ in a sustainable fashion. We have a lot of interesting things going on at the Macoskey Center that we are very proud of. We hope sharing these things, will educate and bring awareness to an environmental conscious way of living,” Massack said.

The Macoskey Center hosts Earth Week events every year. It is important for students to understand sustainability and make environmentally conscious decisions.


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