College Dress Relief presents: February, the month of fashion

Published by , Author: Rachel Spence, Date: February 22, 2018

February, the month of fashion. Where New York, London, Milan, and Paris hold the biggest fashion events of the year, Fashion Week. This year let’s skip the shows and hit the streets for the real runway.

At times the runway can seem nonsensical with looks that are extravagant yet ridiculous, making you look like your grandmother’s couch. There is also the fact that most designers use the “six months ahead” system, showing spring clothes during the fall and winter clothes during the spring. What people are wearing out in the chilly streets is what we should be looking to for outfit inspiration. Street style gives off a feeling of immediacy, which is what we want when searching for an outfit to wear. The challenge for most of us is we want something that’s ready to wear and easy to imitate. With the most stylish people in the world flocking to one place at the same time, it gives us the ultimate fashion guide.

The cold slushy weather that comes with February can make it hard to look cute but layering up is a major priority. From puffer jackets to leopard-print and a whole lot of plastic raingear, our fashion icons are giving us a fresh take on doubling up on our coats. Multiple designers such as Givenchy and Prada are bringing back dressing like a big cat in a big way. Timeless yet versatile, a leopard coat is a great statement piece, that will make the laziest outfit seem intentional. No need to go the expensive route when stores like Forever 21 and H&M offer faux fur leopard coats at a good price. For extra warmth throw on a bright bold sweater and tie the look together with black jeans and black booties.

From sequins to fanny packs, no trend was bigger this year than the return of the logo. Tacky or undeniably trendy? Flaunting labels hasn’t happened since the 90s but is back and better than ever. Brands are spelling out their names on everything from bags to boots, creating a completely personalized look. This new but vintage trend popped up in between the shows giving off some major nostalgia. The logomania of Tommy Hilfiger is a 90s revival, and a personal favorite. There is just something so timelessly cool about red, white and blue. Pair a casual white Tommy tee with your favorite jeans, add a red statement boot that will perfectly accent this casual outfit, making it good to be dressed up or dressed down.

Floral prints were blooming this year at every Fashion Week around the world. Like most outfits on the runway, this botanical trend will have to wait for warmer weather but shouldn’t be limited. Flowery patterns during the cold month of February can suggest warmer days and bring some cheer to this time of year. Introduce this spring trend early by incorporating florals into boots, coats and accessories. Doing florals during the winter can be tricky but here are some things to remember: be versatile, floral comes in many forms, not just clothing. Also, remember florals don’t always have to be pastels, there is a print for every season.


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