UPB prepares for Valentine’s Day event

Published by , Author: Taylor Akers - Rocket Contributor, Date: February 8, 2018

As Valentine’s Day slowly approaches Slippery Rock University, many students and organizations are preparing to share the love. The University Program Board (UPB) is just one of these organizations.

On Tuesday, Feb. 13, UPB will be hosting their fourth annual Valentine’s Day Event in the Smith Student Center ballroom from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. By working with several local companies and other campus organizations, this Valentine’s Day Event will include chocolate dipping, a photo booth and the well-known Stuff-A-Plush fundraiser.

“Stuff-A-Plush is usually our go-to for these events,” said Director of University Events, Celine Halt. “It’s kind of like Build-A-Bear but we bring it to campus. Students can pay five dollars, grab a bear, stuff it, get a free t-shirt and a little birth certificate with it, too.”

Customized bracelets, a new and exclusive addition to this year’s activities, will also be available at the Valentine’s Day Event.

In addition to planning these activities, members of UPB also brace and prepare for the anticipated large turn-out seen previously throughout the years. Other events like Homecoming, Welcome Back events, the Haunted House and upcoming Spring Fling have all made the organization popular among students.

When asked how UPB manages these events, Halt explained saying, “Each event takes a different amount of planning. It’s a lot of communication between campus organizations and making sure we’re all on the same page and how long we need to plan out so there’s a lot that goes into each event specifically.”

Companies in the area, student volunteers and new members eager to participate also help make these events possible.

“For the Haunted House, we contact one company and they bring everything with them the day of and we just take volunteers and we put the haunted house together. For events like the Valentine’s Day Event, we do a lot of on campus collaboration,” Halt said.

To experience what UPB has been working on and to get a plush or bracelet, the Valentine’s Day Event will be held in the Smith Student Center ballroom on Tuesday, Feb. 13 from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. UPB partnered with Fraternity and Sorority Life, HOPE, the Student Government Association, the All-Saints Lutheran Church and Student Center (ASLC) and Open Hearts for All.

Keep up with UPB on social media @SRUPB.


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