Sing Along to the Broadway Cabaret

Published by adviser, Author: Stephanie Cheek - Assistant Campus Life Editor, Date: April 3, 2014

How many theatre productions exist where the audience can see musical numbers such as “Greased Lightning” from Grease, “Footloose” from Footloose, and “OMIGod You Guys” from Legally Blonde? These were only three of the many musical numbers performed at this Spring’s Broadway Cabaret.

It has been an annual tradition in the past four years that the Musical Theatre Society, an SRU organization on campus, holds four Cabaret shows throughout the year as their fundraisers, explained the president of the Musical Theatre Society, Ryan Lubin, 21, a senior secondary English education major.

The first Cabaret was put into production as a fundraiser, but due to the popularity and the constant selling out of tickets, the tradition continues. According to Lubin, the new schedule for the future Cabaret shows is one traditional Broadway Cabaret in the beginning of fall semester, a full Broadway musical before Winter Break, another traditional Broadway Cabaret in the beginning of the Spring semester, and lastly a themed contemporary performance Cabaret towards the end of the year.

Most members of the Musical Theatre Society were looking for an outlet to perform and be apart of musical theatre on SRU’s campus, explained Lubin. SRU’s theatre department only puts on a musical once every two years, but the majority of their productions is just theatre.

“The Cabarets are all student run from the orchestra, the performers, the creative team, and the backstage crew,” Lubin explained.

According to Ryan, the interest in the organization and more importantly the Cabaret has increased membership from 20 individuals to a high of 70 participants.

“To be part of the Musical Theatre Society does not mean that you have to be a performer, but we need stage crew, costume designers, members of the pit orchestra, and many other people who help make the show memorable,” Lubin explained.

There are no adults that directly help with the shows and the organization, but the music and theatre society do help by allowing the Society to use their equipment and the locations.

“We couldn’t have a society without members,” said Jessica Ann Patterson, 21, a junior music therapy major and the director of this semester’s Broadway Cabaret.

Some of her job requirements include making sure the show goes as smoothly as possible when it comes to lightning, casting, the mics, and costumes, explained Patterson.

Patterson explained that she also had a creative team that helps put the show together in every aspect,

including casting.

“The group song are chosen before the auditions, and we see if their voices match the songs, but solos are based on the auditions and what the performers bring to the table,” Patterson said.

Performing is only one aspect of being part of the Musical Theatre Society, but it becomes about creating connections with other students that have the same interests.

“We see each other when doing a show every night, so we become good friends,” Patterson stated.

Also Patterson stated that the Musical Theatre Society and the Cabaret helped students COME OUT their shells and become more confident performers and students.

In the end, the Cabaret has become part of the SRU tradition and according to Lubin they are planning on continuing for years to come.

“We are proud of the students incredibly, and we have got to the point where we are selling out Swope Recital Hall nine times out of ten,” Lubin said.


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