Delivering Broadway to Cabaret: SRU’s Musical Theatre Society holds two musical performances

Published by adviser, Author: Stephanie Cheek - Rocket Contributor, Date: March 28, 2013

How many productions have been performed where one can hear musical performances ranging from the “Cell Block Tango” from “Chicago,” to “Serious” from “Legally Blonde: The Musical,” and two musical performances that are about having a Starbucks stalker? It could all be found in this spring’s performance of “Cabaret,” put on by the Musical Theatre Society Wednesday and Thursday evening.

SRU does not have a musical theatre program, and a musical is only performed by SRU Theatre once every two years, so the Musical Theatre Society allows its members to sing and perform, according to club president Ryan Lubin, 20.

“We provide multiple chances throughout every school year for students who love to perform (but who do not have an outlet to do so) to sing songs from Broadway musicals,” explained Lubin.

The Musical Society uses the Cabaret series not only to show the campus many performances, Lubin said, but to also raise money as fundraisers. This is the second Cabaret performed this year, along with the Christmas Cabaret, explained Lubin.

“[The Cabaret series] also help to expand our bank accounts so that we can put on a full-fledged musical production next year,” Lubin said. “Buying rights is very expensive.”

While Lubin is the president of the organization and a performer in many songs in the production, stage manager Holly Patterson, 19, and director Nicole Marcischak, 20, are in charge of putting the final touches and details into the show.

Patterson said she became involved in the organization two years ago and wanted to be a performer, but found that they were looking for someone to be the stage manager. After signing up for the position, she said that this is her fifth show that she is working as the stage manager.


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